Community Garden Events




 Monday, May 12th – Seasons from the Garden – Herbs are easy to grow and preserve. Using herbs in cooking can reduce sodium consumption and the risk of hypertension.  Sample fresh homemade salad dressing. Take home recipes and directions for drying herbs.

 Monday, June 2nd – Glorious Greens! – Lettuce, spinach and kale—dark green leafy vegetables are low calorie and loaded with betacarotene and other antioxidants. More importantly, they are delicious. Sample some cold green salads and bring home recipes.

Tuesday, July 1st – Viva Salsa – Fresh tomato salsa can’t be beat. Sample salsas and chips, and take home the recipe.

Monday, August 4th – Not Your Usual Vegetables – Okra, zucchini, eggplant, and beets—are you stumped on how to prepare these wonderful fresh veggies?   Are some members of your family wary of any vegetable that’s not a potato?  Stop by to taste some vegetable treats, and get inspiration for your next dinner.

 Monday, August 18th – Getting Pickled – Wondering about how to pickle your cucumbers or carrots? Taste some home-canned pickles and examine the equipment and supplies needed for pickling. You can take home complete pickling instructions from ISU Extension.

 Monday, September 8th – Drying Out – Dehydration is the oldest form of food preservation. Find out how you can preserve vegetables and fruits by drying them!  Dried carrots, peas, corn and onions can be stored year-round for winter soups and stews. Complete directions provided.

 Monday, October  6th – The Great Pumpkin (and Other Squashes) – Pumpkins and squashes are more than just decorative.  They are powerhouses of cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Sample some sweet and savory squash dishes.

Work Party cancellations due to bad weather will be announced on Facebook and through email by 3:00 pm on the day of the event.



About Terri Henkels

Over 15 years of service in public health including Director of the Polk County Health Department until retirement. A Volunteer facilitating the Healthy Altoona Partnership.
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