Tips on How to Use Unique Produce from Bountiful Basket Items & Bonus Recipes

Healthy Altoona Partnership and your Altoona Bountiful Baskets Volunteer Site Coordinators want to make your Bountiful Basket experience even more enjoyable!  

You can find at least one unique produce in almost every Bountiful Basket and for many of us we think “huh, what do I do with this?” Plus not all of us are “foodies” so we might need more information on some non-unique items. You can now easily manage your fresh produce with the information provided on our site’s new tab entitled “Bountiful Baskets” and located right under this site’s header. You will find tips  on  storage, peeling, freezing, general cooking ideas and bonus recipes.

We will be adding to our new Bountiful Baskets Tab weekly so follow our website and you can see when a new item has been added.

Here is a little sampling of the produce you will periodically find in your Bountiful Basket and information and tips you will find under this site’s “Bountiful Baskets Tab”:

 Mango               PREPARING MANGOS


 Storage: Keep unripe mangoes on the counter until they soften slightly, or put them in a paper bag to speed the process. Click here for freezing instructions “Bountiful Baskets Mango Tab”

Peeling: Peel the mango, stand it up on the wider end and cut the flesh away from each side of the flat pit. For additional peeling details go to “Bountiful Baskets Mango Tab”

IDEAS: 1) Mango Salsa 2) Add Mangos to Greek Yogurt 3) Make a Smoothie with Strawberries & Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt


CLICK HERE for Storage and Peeling Information, Cooking ideas and RECIPES

EggplantPreparing Eggplants

CLICK HERE for Storage, Peeling, Cooking Ideas & RECIPES

rED pEAR Preparing Red Pears

CLICK HERE for Ripening and  Storage Information, Cooking Ideas and RECIPES



About Terri Henkels

Over 15 years of service in public health including Director of the Polk County Health Department until retirement. A Volunteer facilitating the Healthy Altoona Partnership.
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