Snacking Tips from a Successful Weight Manager

Nibbling can still be a challenge for me, especially if my day is either stressful or boring. Here are some tricks that help me get through the temptation minefields.

Strategies to manage your snacking impulse!

Strategies to manage your snacking impulse!

  1. I brush my teeth after meals and snacks. The fresh feeling in my mouth inspires me to abstain from nibbling.
  2. Sugar-free mints or cinnamon candies. I carry these in the pocket of my notebook and purse. I find the fresh and powerful flavor does not blend well with other temptations.
  3. I abstain from treats at meetings. Especially before my willpower developed, it was easier to decline than stop at one treat.
  4. Taking a healthy snack to meetings where snacks will be served. I generally prefer to wait and enjoy my snack after my meeting but some people find this a less stressful approach.
  5. I stay away from the food / snack table. Looking at temptations increases my longing and reduces my willpower. If I must look (or pass the plate), I pretend the snacks are pictures that I can’t eat anyway.
  6. I select healthy snacks at home, measure appropriate portions into containers, and take only enough for each day. It’s too easy for me to eat more if there is more. If your days are spent in your home, set today’s snacks out on a counter or desk and don’t open the supply cabinet!
  7. I set aside specific times to enjoy my snacks and I try to focus on enjoying my treats slowly. There is nothing more disappointing than realizing I have just eaten the last piece—where did it go? I try to take a short walk or gaze out a window . . . and enjoy!

About Ike (Nancy) Eichmann

Nancy recently joined ISU Extension and Outreach, Polk County following a career in sales, marketing, and customer service leadership. The Polk County Extension office is located in Altoona on Adventureland Drive.
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