Nurturing Willpower–Tips from a Successful Weight Loss Manager

3rd in a series on maintaining your weight. . .

Willpower can be strengthened, but there is NOT an unlimited supply! Medical studies have shown that if you stress willpower too much it can work against you! Just as a muscle resists doing more when it’s been overworked, overworked willpower can lead to binge eating. Here are my strategies to preserve willpower:

  1. I give myself (occasional) planned indulgences! It is amazing how wonderful a chocolate 2015 (2)small piece of chocolate, melting slowly in my mouth with my eyes closed can refresh my willpower! If your nemesis is a salty treat—enjoy some from time to time—just remember to measure your portion, remove distractions, and enjoy it a bite at a time.
  2. If time permits, I survey the entire buffet before filling my plate. When I select small amounts of the foods I enjoy most I am able to resist going back for more.
  3. I request a to-go box before my food arrives. When willpower is low, I order the dish I really want but I cut my meal in half as soon as it arrives. I put the “left overs” in the box and close the lid before I starting eating. Even better—sometimes a dining companion will split an order with me.
  4. I enjoy a yummy snack before . . . making dinner . . . packing lunches . . . going to the meeting / party . . . and then I brush my teeth to reduce the impulse to nibble!

About Ike (Nancy) Eichmann

Nancy recently joined ISU Extension and Outreach, Polk County following a career in sales, marketing, and customer service leadership. The Polk County Extension office is located in Altoona on Adventureland Drive.
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