Be the Architect of Your Health

Authored by Ana Coppola, MPH, Community Health Educator, Polk County Health Department

What if there was an easy way to lose weight that guaranteed you showing up at the gym multiple times a week; make small, permanent changes to your diet; and change the way you thought about health without really having to try? Think going from a temporary challenge to a lifetime of experimentation and enjoyment!

Well there very well might be! And is a tool that you have! It is about how humans beings learn things. It is a plan based on your individual strengths and success.

Health coaching is a technique that helps motivate individuals make changes in their lifestyle, such as drinking less alcohol, quitting tobacco use, eating breakfast, increasing fruits & vegetables, taking nature walks, cycling more driving less, etc. A health coach will not ‘prescribe’ you a certain diet or exercise plan but will work with you to set up reasonable goals, develop strategies to reach those goals, identify and overcome barriers and provide accountability.

The power to accomplish a specific task is the most powerful collection of forces someone can exploit for themselves. That is when you decide to do something with friends and learn confidence from each other’s struggles.


About Terri Henkels

Over 15 years of service in public health including Director of the Polk County Health Department until retirement. A Volunteer facilitating the Healthy Altoona Partnership.
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