Partnership Adopts a Tobacco & Nicotine Free Policy for Hosted Outdoor Events

At Pic for Tobacco Free Nicotine free Eventa recent Partnership Meeting the Partnership unanimously agreed to adopt a policy that all hosted Healthy Altoona Partnership outdoor events will be tobacco and nicotine free. Below is the policy that has been adopted by the Partnership for all of our hosted outdoor events.

The Healthy Altoona Partnership also participates in events hosted by other organizations in the community. Although we have no control over the policies of these events, we  encourage all community event hosts to consider adopting a similar policy.

A special thank you to our partner, American Lung Association, for providing technical assistance and support throughout our partnership discussions and in the adoption of this policy.

Healthy Altoona Partnership 

Tobacco-free/Nicotine-free Outdoor Places and Events 

Fact and Purpose:

The Healthy Altoona Partnership finds that:

  1. Tobacco/nicotine use in the proximity of children and adults engaging in or watching outdoor activities is detrimental to their health and can be dangerous to those using such facilities; and
  2. All Healthy Altoona Partnership hosted events are unique opportunities to create and sustain an environment that supports a non-tobacco and non-nicotine norm through a tobacco-free/nicotine-free policy, rule enforcement, and adult-peer role modeling during; and
  3. Parents, leaders, and officials involved in community events are role models for youth and can have a positive effect on the lifestyle choices they make; and
  4. The tobacco industry advertises at and sponsors events to foster a connection between tobacco use and community events;
  5. Tobacco products (extends to all types of tobacco and nicotine products that are not FDA approved for tobacco cessation), once consumed in public spaces, are often discarded on the ground requiring additional maintenance expenses, diminish the beauty of outdoor facilities, and pose a risk to toddlers, pets and exhibition animals due to ingestion; and
  6. The prohibition of tobacco and nicotine use at all times will serve to protect the health, safety and welfare of the participants and all attending.

Tobacco and nicotine use is prohibited in Healthy Altoona Partnership hosted event areas. This tobacco/nicotine policy applies to all volunteers, independent contractors, steering committee members, participants in events, and the general public while in attendance. During this outdoor event the use of tobacco and nicotine is prohibited in these areas: (all vendor areas, restrooms, concession areas, walk ways, performance areas, buildings and their entrances).

Assistance to tobacco users:
Those volunteers/vendors who use tobacco and would like to take this opportunity to quit using tobacco are encouraged to call the Iowa Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.


  1. Appropriate signs shall be posted in the above specified areas.
  2. The community, especially event attendees and staff, will be notified about the policy.
  3. It is the responsibility of the board members or their designee to provide enforcement.
  4. Any person found violating this policy will be asked to refrain from tobacco and nicotine use or risk immediate ejection from the event grounds for the remainder of the event.
  5. If the violator refuses to leave, the staff may contact local authorities.

Effective date:
This policy statement is effective immediately upon the date of adoption.


About Terri Henkels

Over 15 years of service in public health including Director of the Polk County Health Department until retirement. A Volunteer facilitating the Healthy Altoona Partnership.
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