Avocodo – Always have them on hand (How to Preserve in 5 minutes)

Being a Bountiful Baskets participant I find myself accumulating lots of Avocados on a regular basis. I hate wasting food so I now have a method to preserve them for future use.

Preserving Avocados only takes two ingredients and a few minutes of preparation. The Avocados hold up very well in the freezer and do not change color. Now I always have Avocados on hand and ready to go for any recipe. Great to use for sandwiches, salads, dressing and dips. Busy Just Got Easy.

Avocados should be soft-ripe with bright green or purplish rind.
Wash and cut Avocados in half and remove pit.
Scoop pulp from rind and mash with a fork or potato masher.
Mix 3 tablespoons lemon juice with each quart of puree.
Pack into jars to within 1 inch of top and close with cap and screw band tightly
Or I like to use snack-sized closeable bags.
Freeze immediately.

Authored by +Terri Henkels aof Easy Life Meal & Party Planning


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