Change 3 Challenge Partners

A special thank you to partners & contributors who are promoting the Challenge, encouraging community participation, participating as employers, providing material, development, information, resources and articles. You will find new and exciting information from these contributors throughout the course of the Change 3 Challenge (December 29 2016 through March 2017).

Allison Peet, Owner of From Within Wellness, LLC
Mary Krisco, Polk County Extension Service
Elizabeth Cole, Hy-Vee
Artistic Manufacturing
City of Altoona
Emily Bisbee, American Lung Association
Tammy Keiter & staff, Polk County Health Department
Bruce Mason & staff, Altoona Campus
Kim Keitzman & staff, Altoona Library
Jessica Sheets, Live Healthy Iowa
Nathan Anenson, Lutheran Church of the Cross
East Coast Tae Kwon Do
Lacey Dettmering, Inside Out Chiropractic
Steering Committee Members:  Terri Henkels, Marcia Roth, Bruce Mason, Nathan Anenson, Elizabeth Cole, Walt Mozdzer, Keith Hyland, Nancy “Ike” Eichmann



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