How to Stay Motivated

Two key steps to staying motivated and achieving success in lifestyle changes:

Interact with Others

Sharing can be motivating to yourself and to others so we encourage you to share your progress, contribute tips that have helped you stay motivated, share your struggles, celebrate your successes at our Facebook Change 3 Challenge Forum – a place where we can be interactive. Just click on the FORUM TAB 

You can also invite friends and family to join you by writing their own challenge plan and then support each other on your journeys.

Write Things Down

Keeping a diary, journal or log can assist you in many ways. You can use them to gain better insight to yourself, which can help you solve issues, help you focus on tasks and achieve personal goals. They can be tools to help you focus and record milestones.

Decide what you hope to gain from journaling and then determine whether you prefer to have a physical log or an online log that you can journal from your computer, mobile device or android.

The key to successful journaling is consistency. As long as you faithfully chronicle pertinent information, you are sure to benefit from the experience.


Here are some great tools for logging your progress daily


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