Tracking Your Journey

Pledge Form

Change 3 Challenge Pledge Form

Change 3 Paper Pledge Form 2015

Detailed Information on Journaling

Article on how to Write a Journal by University of North Dakota

Downloadable Journal Templates to Print by Nancy Eichmann & Brighthub

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Sample Exercise & non-exercise Change 3 Journal 2015 by Nancy EichmannChange 3 Challenge Pledge Form



Sample & Generic Change 3 Journal 2015 by Nancy Eichmann





General Journal – Parchment Background

General Journal – Coffee-Themed

Exercise Log

Food Log

Prayer Journal

Online, Mobile and or Android Apps for Genearl Health, Food & Fitness 

Nutrition, Food, Diet and Physical Fitness Tracking:

Web MD (free)

Livestrong My Plate Calorie Tracker  – Calorie tracker (free)

MyFitnessPal – Calorie and diet tracker (free)

CalorieCount – Calorie, diet & fitness tracker (free)

FitDay  – Nutrition, diet and fitness tracker (free)

MyNetDiary– Calorie and diet tracker ($3.99)

Weight Watchers Mobile – point tracker, extension of Weight Watchers program (free but use with subscription)

MyDS – dietary supplements reference and tracker (free)

Food Shopping, Recipes & Education:

ShopWell – Healthy diet and grocery food scanner (free)

Fooducate – Weight loss, diet tracker and food education tool ($1.99 +)

Hy-Vee – Deals, recipes, fuel saver tracker, manage prescriptions Google Play(free)

Hy-Vee – Deals, recipes, fuel saver tracker, manage prescriptions Apple (free)

Hy-Vee Sasons Magazine – view Hy-Vee Seasons Magazine on your tablet (free)

Panna – Bimonthly cooking magazine with videos (free)

FoodieTV– weekly cooking videos featuring international dishes (free)

Phyiscal Fitness:

MapMyRun – Map your route, track your activity, log your food tracker (free)

Run 5K– run coaching app (free)

My Fitness PRO – Running, walking and fitness tracker PRO ($5.99)

Gorilla Workout – Fitness library of intense exercises without equipment ($0.99)

Yoga studio – yoga exercise library ($2.99)

Fitbit – interface app for fitbit wearable fitness tracker (free but must purchase device)

Instant heart rate – Heart rate monitor (free)


Mindfulness App – Meditation app – Meditation app

Waterlogged – fluids tracker (free)

iMoodJournal – Mood journal, personal diary charting tool ($0.99)

Hy-Vee – Manage prescriptions Google Play(free)

Hy-Vee – Manage prescriptions Apple (free) – Manage family prescriptions and medications

WebMD– Research conditions, check symptoms, access drug information (free)

Saving Made Simple – Money management app that creates simple but powerful budgets

Yowza – no clipping or printing location-based couponing to help you save money

Health Conditions:

Is that gluten-free? – Index of 30,000 Gluten Free foods ($7.99)

Gluten-Free Shopping Scanner – scans bar codes for Gluten Free items (free)

Find Me Gluten Free – Locates Gluten Free restaurants and menus (free)

Bowel Mover Pro – Digestion journal and Gluten Free tracker (free)

Diabetes – Tracks blood ougar and Other factors (free or $6.99)

IBP blood pressure – Blood pressure tracking and analysis tool ($0.99)

Sleep cycle alarm clock – Tracks sleep ($2.99)

iHeadache – headache and migraine diary app (free)


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